I create art to illustrate an in-between human emotion, a middle area between moving forward and moving from the past. 

I like my paintings to give me a feeling of calmness with a bit of discomfort. To do this I sometimes include something wrapped around the character’s body or face like a security blanket. Then I throw them, vulnerable, somewhere out of place in this world.

 Along with faces, hands are one of my favorite things to paint; they are beautiful yet grotesque structures that completely change form with a turn of the wrist.  I paint hands like I’m molding clay, puzzling chunks and ribbons of paint together, giving them an older and used look compared to other areas of the paintings,

In this series of works I use oil paint on canvas. I’ve been working with oil for over thirteen years and it’s still my medium of choice. The meaning behind my paintings is usually sub conscious until months after I finish the piece- their reactions and ways my viewers relate my paintings to their own lives helps mold understanding behind the scene I was compelled to paint.